Our Catholic Identity

At the core of St. Ambrose University lies a profound and vibrant Catholic Identity, deeply influenced by the life and teachings of Saint Ambrose of Milan. Our identity is not just a backdrop; it's the very essence of our existence, guiding our values, mission, and vision. Drawing from the example of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection epitomize God's boundless love, we strive to embody this love in every aspect of our educational journey.

Faith and Reason: A Harmonious Blend
Ambrosians ardently explore faith and rigorously exercise reason. Faith and reason combine to clarify and express our relationship with God and all creation. It is here that faith and intellect converge, offering a holistic approach to learning and personal development.

Sacredness of Life
Ambrosians anchor our actions in the belief that all life is sacred. This tenet shapes our interactions and decisions, ensuring that respect for life is at the forefront of everything we do. By recognizing the intrinsic value of every being, we foster an environment of empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Goodness in Every Individual
Ambrosians begin from a position of faith in the God-given goodness of every individual. This positive presumption underpins our approach to education, relationships, and community engagement, promoting a culture of kindness, respect, and mutual support.

Willing the Good of Others
Ambrosians "will the good" of the other. This means actively seeking the best for each other, a principle that motivates our service and our commitment to justice and opportunity.

Welcome and Celebrate All People
Ambrosians welcome and celebrate all people. Together, we create a space in which others can discover the sacredness within themselves and within others. Our commitment to inclusivity creates a space where individuals can discover the sacredness within themselves and recognize it in others. It is through this celebration of all people that we build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Community and Faith
Ambrosians explore faith both individually and within the context of community. Through worship, shared rituals, and collaborative learning, Ambrosians cultivate a community of belonging.

As part of the St. Ambrose University community, you are invited to explore the depths of your faith, challenge your perspectives, and engage with a diverse and vibrant community. Our Catholic Identity is the cornerstone of an education that seeks not just to inform, but to transform.

At St. Ambrose University, we are proud of our Catholic heritage and committed to living out these principles every day. Join us in a journey of faith, learning, and service, grounded in a tradition that celebrates the dignity of every individual.

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